About Us

POPUPPUB.COM is a Donegal based company founded in February 2015 and are Ireland’s premier and premium Air buildings specialists. Providing unique, fun and hassle free venues for all occasions.

POPUPPUB.COM is a direct reaction to Ireland’s changing social and economic climate.

Both Catriona & Paul have over 20 years experience in the bar trade and drinks industry. Having recognised the steady decline in the bar trade sector due to legislations, alcohol pricing wars at the supermarkets, recession and emigration an opportunity arose to offer an alternative to those entertaining ‘in-house’.

Mother of two Catriona opted for redundancy from her sales role with Heineken Ireland and invested in top quality Air Buildings and set about building the brand POPUPPUB.COM.

Much media attention ensued and such was the interest from overseas that a US distributor was appointed, William Carey.A New Yorker with Kildare roots!

POPUPPUB.COM  designed and manufactured the world’s first Irish Thatched Cottage style Air Building  ‘The Thatch’ which is now in New York for trade shows. Partnered with a US manufacturer with a design and sales team based here in Donegal POPUPPUB.COM are on a new and exciting road.

“Its amazing how a competitive nature can turn a negative into something positive”  – Barry Mann

 “POPUPPUB.COM emerged from a climate of austerity which changed the way we Irish socialise and our rural bars quietened due to emigration. With our brightest and best scattering the globe. Who knew that these very people would now create a brand new market overseas for an Irish business who’s mission is the recreate that elusive ‘taste of home’ in an inflatable Irish Pub” – Catriona Mulhern

Bank of Ireland Start Up national finalists 2015 and again in 2016 POPUPPUB.COM are working hard to bring innovative projects to the fore.

POPUPPUB where ‘inflation’  is good ! We are Popping up everywhere.

What is an Air Building?

A POP UP PUB is an inflatable pub, yes. Also referred to in the industry as an Air Building.

A tubular frame is inflated by constant flow inflation (or in sealed units) by air blowers just as one would inflate an inflatable game, bounce house or obstacle course.

The sealed units can remain inflated for a period or one to two weeks once inflated.


The ‘walls’ and ‘roofs’ of these structures are composed of digitally printed PVC material, generally attached to the frame using high strength Velcro. The adaptation of these units is a simple and cost effective process. Bespoke design and changeable art work renders these inflatables a marketers dream.

Instant, temporary and effective.

Air Buildings are perfect for adding a little ‘wow’ to an event, trade show or festival. Sports teams, brands, seasonal themes all achieved cost effectively.


To claim to be a POP UP PUB we felt you had to be just that. a POP UP PUB!

We won’t hire you an inflatable shell and expect you to sit on the ground with nowhere to prop your pint!!

We won’t offer you a ‘tent’ and then charge you extra to set the scene with your counter, optics, cooler etc.

When you hire a POP UP PUB we are recreating the ‘Real Irish Pub’ experience in a location of your choosing. Removing the time costly hassle of organising the furniture, that’s why every unit is tastefully presented with flooring, lighting, a counter, chairs, table with oilcloth covers and LED lanterns.


POPUPPUB.COM has set out its stall from its conception as the premium brand. Offering superior manufacture, design and service.

Many low budget tents have flooded the market recently and claim to offer the Pop Up Pub experience, however, even to the untrained eye, one has only to compare the print work alone to recognise the quality is optimal with a true Pop Up Pub Inflatable Pub.

We strive to ensure a premium product and service as standard. Second best is not an option.