Become an Agent

The inflatables world is an increasingly competitive one and the party hire and events business in the US is valued at approximately $5.2Bn USD with an annual growth of around 2%.

 If one intends to suceed in today’s environment one needs to ask the questions.

1) Do I want to be perceived as premium ?

2) Will I provide a quality service and product to my customers ?

3) Do I have the drive, passion and tenacity to build my brand ?

 There is only one answer to these questions if one wishes to pursue the POP UP PUB mission.

Relatively low investment levels can be quickly recouped making this an attractive product proposition.

 Good is boring. Be remarkable.


 So if you think you have the required mind set and vision to become a POP UP PUB agent then please do get in touch with Catriona @ or Bill @