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A unique business opportunity awaits you.

Modest investment,limitless potential.

The Sky is the Limit

Your chance to tap into the limitless potential of PopUpPub
  • Unique opportunity

  • Multiple City Launches

  • Global Interest

  • Excellent Returns

Our exclusively designed and trade marked inflatable Irish Pub is about to be launched in the USA with agents currently in Boston, California, New York and Florida.

We have an agency currently pending in Dubai and are interested in talking to potential distributors elsewhere.

Own your own Inflatable Irish Pub , a one off bespoke design, these are quality and premium units never available previously anywhere.

There has never been a time in history where our Irish brethren have scattered so far and wide globally.This time with the funds to socialise and celebrate as only the Irish can.

Ex Pats hanker after that elusive taste of home and we intend to give it to them. .  Very soon.

Watch this space…..

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