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Terms & Privacy Policy

Please read all the information provided to ensure safety instructions, guidelines and hire terms are fully understood prior to booking.

Information provided to POPUPPUB.COM or POPUPPARTY.IE will not be shared to third parties or advertising agencies.POPUPPUB.COM /POPUPPARTY.IE reserve the right to publish and / or utilise all images taken at event on social media without prior notice. All information displayed on this website will remain the property of POPUPPUB.COM/POPUPPARTY.IE. Any breach of copyright will be acted upon immediately. POPUPPUB.COM/POPUPPARTY.IE reserve the right to amend terms and conditions without notice. *For the purposes of this notice hence forth POPUPPUB.COM / POPUPPARTY.IE will be referred to as ‘The Company’ The hirer/customer referred to as ‘The Client’ On agreeing to this hire contract ‘The Client’ will assume responsibility for its safe and correct usage during the hire period. ‘The Client’ will assume a supervisory capacity and become ‘The Company’s’ primary point of contact. ‘The Client’ will accept responsibility pertaining to crowd control and implement all necessary safety procedures deemed applicable. A Liability Release Form will be signed at set up confirming comprehension of expectations, indemnifying ‘The Company’ and acknowledging satisfaction with regard to site safety prior to operatives vacating. It is the responsibility of ‘The Client’ to appoint a representative on site if unable to attend set up in person.

Hire agreement including Terms & Conditions of Hire

Your Air Building will be delivered and collected at time previously agreed by ‘The Company’ in Booking Confirmation email. Whilst every effort is made to achieve delivery at requested times, it must be accepted by ‘The Client’ that times may vary in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

  • ‘The Client’ must ensure that persons remain clear of the site during set up, providing a clear working space free of debris, sharp objects or obstacles. Site must be well away from overhead power lines. Site must be level (slope must not be greater than 5 degrees in any direction). Adequate access to site must be as agreed in booking confirmation email. Minimum 1.5m at narrowest point, no steps, obstacles or carrying distances beyond 10m unless previously agreed. Failure to measure site correctly prior to booking resulting in ‘The Company’ being unable to set up will result in booking deposit being retained.
  • The Air Building will be anchored safely; however, it is ‘The Client’s’ responsibility to ensure that there are no underground cables, pipes etc. which may be damaged by anchor pegs.
  • 13amp 240V power supply required (unless generator requested). Site must be within 20 meters of supply unless previously notified. Extension cables will be supplied. It is recommended ‘The Client’ provide back-up or replacement extension leads, emergency lighting in the unlikely event of a blown fuse during your event. ‘The Company’ cannot accept responsibility for power outages or disruptions once site is vacated. ‘The Client’ will accept full responsibility for the units’ operation in the absence of ‘The Company’s’ Operatives. We do not provide external/outdoor lighting unless arranged in advance. It is the responsibility of ‘The Client’ to ensure adequate emergency lighting externally in the event of power disruption.
  • ’The Client ‘will accept responsibility to ensure adequate access to sufficient power. Any additional power requirements during event e.g. Catering, Entertainment must be considered and addressed in advance of booking. *Please be aware that ‘The Company’ hire constant flow inflatable structures which require a stable and consistent source of power. In the unlikely event of a power failure the unit will deflate. Deflation rates are tested annually and units are certified as fit for purpose. It is recommended however that any persons suffering from claustrophobic or anxiety conditions be advised by ‘The Client’ prior to use. The unit consists of an inflated tubular frame with digitally printed PVC (walls/roof) attached by Velcro and two doorways creating numerous evacuation points should deflation occur. These evacuation routes will be demonstrated to you by our operative on set up and it is the responsibility of ‘The Client’ to relay this information to all users.
  • In the unlikely event of air blower failing please call your operative immediately. This number will be provided to you on delivery. Also please text 0862737180 and report your issue. Instructions on what to do in this event are provided to you at set up. ‘The Client’ must ensure necessary actions and advice is understood fully prior to operative’s departure from site.
  • Once Liability Release form is signed ‘The Client’ must ensure neither the unit, power supplies and/or any moving parts be tampered or interfered with in any way. Should an issue arise ‘The Client’ must immediately contact ‘The Company’ for instruction. ‘The Company’ will use photographic images to record site set up.
  • ‘The Company’ has Public Liability Insurance provided by Eventinsure.ie providing cover up to €2.6m indemnity covering the 32 counties. Schedule available on request. We recommend ‘The Client’ consider obtaining a one off ‘day event’ insurance. One can arrange this through a local broker or enquiries can be made using the following link http://leisureinsure.co.uk/event-insurance/day-cover-for-inflatables/quote
  • ‘The Client’ must inspect all aspects of the site prior to operatives’ departure. ‘The Client’ will be held liable for any damage to the unit or its contents during the hire period. The Air Building is fully compliant with EN14960 European Safety Standards and all materials are flame & smoke retardant. Our manufacturer Airquee Ltd have never had a reported incident of any materials catching fire in either indoor or outdoor environments. However, it is ‘The Clients’ responsibility to observe fire precautions. If ‘The Client’ is in any doubt as to fire safety requirements ‘The Client’ should contact the Fire Safety officer for the area. The requirements usually cover, the maximum number of persons allowed in the area at any one time, the available fire exits and escape routes, assembly areas, signage, fire alarms, emergency lighting and sprinkler systems (if applicable) and firefighting equipment such as portable extinguishers.


  • EU 2004 smoke-free legislation prohibits smoking in enclosed spaces for use by the public. This legislation applies to our units whilst on hire and it is the responsibility of ‘The Client’ to enforce this.

‘The Company’ referred to as POPUPPUB.COM are suppliers of Air buildings for hire or sale and do not supply alcohol for consumption. ‘The Company’ do not accept responsibility for the provision of alcohol. ‘The Client’ accepts liability and responsibility ensuring the safe and responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages and the supervision of minors in attendance.




  • ‘The Client’ is advised on the recommended capacity of each unit for persons standing. ‘The Client’ must ensure unit does not become over crowed or allow boisterous/rough behaviour which may result in injury to users or the property of ‘The Company’.
  • Excessive soiling and/or damage to the unit or its contents will result in ‘The Client’ being liable to cover ‘The Company’s’ cost of cleaning, replacement or repair. Any loss of business due to damaged equipment/excessive soiling will incur costs for which ‘The Client’ will be liable also. Listing of proposed costs incurred for replacement contents, repairs or cleaning can be provided on request.
  • Bookings/payment of booking deposit is taken as confirmation of acknowledgement, understanding and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.


Power Usage & Requirements: It is important that ‘The Client’ fully considers the total power requirement necessary for their particular event. It is advised that ‘The Client’ discuss with ‘The Company’ any and all expected power requirements which may arise during the hire period.

‘The Company’ will endeavour to advise ‘The Client’ on requirement based on information supplied by ‘The Client’, however, it is beyond the ‘The Company’ to foresee additional usage or requirement which may arise during the hire period after our operatives have vacated the site.

It is important that ‘The Client’ fully understand and accept that failure to ensure a consistent, uninterrupted power supply to the air blowers will result in deflation. ‘The Company’ will ensure all electrical equipment be in good working order and fit for purpose on site. ‘The Company’ will not be liable for any power failure due to over loading of circuits, third party interference or negligence on the part of ‘The Client’.

If ‘The Client’ is in any doubt as to adequacy of power supply available, it is recommended that the advice of a qualified electrician is sought prior to booking.

In the unusual event of the air blowers, heaters, lights or extension leads failing it is normally the case of a fuse in need of replacement. We will supply spare 13amp fuses on the day. We strongly recommend ‘The Client’ prepare in advance for this eventuality.

‘The Company’ will provide listing of electrical appliances required and their individual power requirements.



Air buildings will be a relatively new experience for most hirers. It is the responsibility of ‘The Company’ to hereby advise ‘The Client’ on recommended considerations prior to booking.

This is a constant flow inflatable structure. i.e. This unit requires a consistent and reliable power supply to remain inflated. The units are subject to annual testing to determine deflation rates are safe and unit fit for purpose. Test Certificates are available on request.

Deflation is unlikely but can occur. ‘The Client’ must be prepared for this eventuality. ‘The Client’ must advise all users of this possibility, particularly those of an anxious disposition, claustrophobic (fear of confined spaces), pregnant users, the elderly/infirm, mobility restricted, the very young or anyone ‘The Client’ may consider in need of assistance should the unit deflate. ‘The Client’ must inform users of escape routes as explained by operatives. Provide emergency lighting in event of power failure.

Due to the risk of deflation ‘The Company’ prohibits the use of glassware within the unit. Plastic alternatives may be purchased from ‘The Company’ or supplier of choice.

These Air buildings are manufactured by one of the inflatable industry’s leading manufacturers, Airquee. These premium products adhere to all necessary safety standards and testing requirements.  Should ‘The Client’ require any further clarification relating to these units or any of the Terms & Conditions above ‘The Company’ invites all queries by email to info@popuppub.com



Force Majeure: We shall have no liability for delays or failures in delivery, performance of our obligations to you resulting from any act, events, omissions, failures or accidents that are outside our control (‘Force Majeure’), which, without limitation, include:

  1. Strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action
  2. Shortages of Labour, fuel, power or raw materials.
  3. Late, defective performance or non-performance by suppliers.
  4. Private or Public telecommunication, computer network failures or break down of equipment.
  5. Civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war.
  6. Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster or extreme weather conditions.
  7. Impossibility of use of railways, shipping, aircraft, motor transport or other means of private or public transport.
  8. Acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of any government.
  9. Other causes beyond our reasonable control.


Cancellation Policies: Cancellation within six weeks of event allows full refund of deposit. Within six weeks of date deposit will be retained. The option to use deposit for an alternative date within twelve months (subject to availability) can be accommodated should cancellation occur more than two weeks prior to event. Cancellation within fourteen days of event will deem balance in full due. Cancellation due to storm or wind. In accordance with our manufacturers/insurance underwriter’s recommendations, adequately anchored Air buildings must not be erected at wind speeds over 38kph(24mph) or where gusts are likely to reach this speed. Where winds forecasted are within the range 28-38kph (19-24mph) ‘The Company’ cannot safely erect unit. In this occurrence, three options are available to ‘The Client.

  1. It is agreed in writing between ‘The Company’ and ‘The Client’ that booking is cancelled 24hrs prior to travelling. Full refund of booking deposit will be awarded.
  2. Where weather conditions on site may vary from those at our base ‘The Company’ must take instruction in writing via email or text message from ‘The Client’ on suitability of conditions. ‘The Client’ must then decide if ‘The Company’ should travel and attempt set up. If ‘The Company’ travel on this advice and conditions worsen/set up is abandoned ‘The Client’ will be liable for labour and travel costs incurred and booking deposit will be retained.
  3. Where set up is successful/conditions are suitable and ‘The Company’ have vacated site, ‘The Client’ will then accept responsibility whereby if weather conditions dictate deflation (i.e. wind speed or gusts reach 30kmph or above) unit will be deflated safely and without delay. ‘The Client’ must then contact ‘The Company’ immediately to advise on change in circumstances on site

. D. Whilst it is uncommon that cancellation due to weather conditions occur, ‘The Company’ cannot be held liable or responsible for losses incurred due to cancellation or event disruption. It is recommended that ‘The Client’ be prepared for this eventuality and to first and foremost remain mindful and vigilant towards the health and safety of all users.


Governing Law & Jurisdiction: These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Ireland and ‘The client’ will irrevocably agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ireland.